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rabbitTransports Group Rules

Posted on 15 October 2023 11:49 am

rabbitTransports Group :: Rules

  1. Your promise to report Scammers and Fake accounts
    • By joining our group, you promise to report any suspected scammer of fake accounts to admins or here at the hekp desk: submit a ticket here
  2. The email provided
    • The email you provide to us must be a valid
    • Your email and your name must match at all time in the group and here at the help desk (we will create an account for you)
    • We normally don't send emails, but once in a while we do to keep the group updated.
    • You are willing to receive emails from Rabbit Transports and respond to questions as needed through the help desk.
    • We will decline your request or remove you from the group if an email is not provided.
  3. Group for USA Members Only
  4. The tag @everyone is reserved for admins only.
  5. For Trasnporters
    • ( IMPORTANT ) If you are offering transportation services ( whether full time, part time or just one time ), Your public Facebook profile must show probable information that you are real. We will visit your profile multiple times and if we suspect you profile is fake, you will be removed/banned from the group

If you believe we should add or remove some rules, kindly submit a ticket and let us know. We are more than happy to hear your suggestions.