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Few things for becoming a paying member

Posted on 24 October 2023 02:10 am

Supporting us with a paid membership:

  • Your subscription fees often directly contribute to the sustainability of the group. This support helps maintain the group's resources and continually improve the services provided to all members.
  • Facebook does not give much room for admins to offer perks to our members, but we can add you a badge as a "Group Expert".
  • Show your commitment to fight scams and fake profiles as we try to purify little by little our community.
  • Your monetary support will help us to develop sofware for rabbit transporters and rabbitries and been an early bird to get to test any sofware that we produce and the like.
  • (coming soon to our members )
    • Get to use our database of reported fake profiles to prevent getting scammed or to easily report them
    • over a thousand fake profiles and scams reported as of now to check against.
    • Group administrator tools to prevent scammers on your group
  • Lifetime membership to our farmer's classifieds website (submit a ticket to request this)
  • A web hosting account for your rabbitry, transporter or farm website or blog. (submit a ticket to request this) (extra technical support if needed)
  • Earn recurring commisions for referring rabbitries and transporters to join our group with a paid membership. (we  love to share earnings with you too)
  • And more...

Get a subscription here: